Monday, February 25, 2008

I miss the comfort in being sad.

Well not really, but I do love that line. So for some reason this past week i saw that movie Definietely, Maybe not once but twice. I had no real plans of making this happen but when you are sick and hopeless you have little power over your actions. So this makes week 3 or is it 4 of being sick . This is week 2 for sure of Bronchitis but I feel today that is starting to get better? Maybe? Definitely ? haha whew....
So this weekend I watched a bunch of TV bought Season 1 and 2 of Perfect Strangers!!!! So yeah do the dance of joy!
I watched the Oscars last night and was happy with most of the results. How could you not love Daniel day Lewis in There will be blood! Not sure if you watched the season return of SNL but hey had a great bit making fun of the I DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE line... check it out here

Only 2 weeks until SXSW!!!!! I cant wait! who do you want to see?

Those are some sites i go to for news!
So yeah thats what last week was all about! have a great day!

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